Moving iPhone backup to new Mac

I was reinstalling Yosemite on the MBP earlier this week when I had problems trying to sync the iTunes backup to the iPhone.

Poked around and saw a lot of complaints online and thought it might be due to permissions issue when it’s copied out from the Time Backup.

What i did to fix it was to run the chown command on the Backup directory.

$ cd ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync
$ sudo chown -R Backup/

The above changes the permissions on Backup from root to your userid. Remember to replace with your existing username. If the above commands don’t work, probably ends with some permissions error message, remember you will need to run the command under an administrator account which has sudo privileges.

The full steps to copy the iPhone backup to and from Time Backup.
1. Make a full Time Backup.
2. Go to the backup folder, look for the latest directory and copy out the latest ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup folder to the new OSX installation in the same directory folders
3. Then run the above commands (ie. cd ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync and sudo chown -R Backup/)

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Buying time on Amazon EC2

I was about to make an up front purchase on Amazon EC2 when i stopped and started to calculate in detail the amount that I would have to pay if i went on demand

If you are going for a whole year, it makes sense to go for a upfront purchase. If you are just getting time for a quarter of a year, then it makes sense to go for on demand.

Again, make your calculations before committing.

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Starting on OpenCL soon

Keeping a link for my reference

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Trying to change password on Office 365 and Microsoft says…

Password - Working on it

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