Went Macritchie for the treetop walk last weekend. It was a short walk, with a fair bit of people on the trails.

I saw a few Gurkhas walking the trails as well, with a backpack behind them. I’m sure it’s part of their training regime.

I recalled jungle training during my army days and kinda missed the navigation in jungle bit.

Feeling inspired, I reached out to my army buddy and found he’s part of a group organising such trail walks.

I’ll be starting with the walks on the following weekend. I’ll be reusing the old army fieldpack (no webbing) still in serviceable condition. The fieldpack took me from Singapore to Brunei to Thailand, sustaining only superficial cuts.

On a side note, I can’t fathom how a person can get his fieldpack damaged beyond recoverability. Did I get my fieldpack from a good batch? Hmm…

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