Setting up Ubuntu 20.04 (cli only)

  1. Remove command suggestions
  2. Remove bash completion
  3. Save screen layout
  4. Change directory listing colour to cyan
  5. Set console to 1152×682
  1. Remove command suggestions
    sudo apt remove command-not-found
  1. Remove bash completion
    sudo apt remove bash-completion
  1. GNU Screen
    a. Save screen layout
    While in screen Ctrl+A : layout dump .screenrc

b. Remove startup message
Add “startup_message off” to top of the .screenrc file

  1. Change directory listing colour to cyan
    Create a file called .dircolors and insert “DIR 01;36” without the quotes
  1. Set console to 1152×864
    a. Determine available resolutions
    sudo hwinfo –framebuffer
    Returns a list of console resolutions

b. Insert the selected resolution into bottom of /etc/default/grub
Add “GRUB_GFXMODE=1152×864” to bottom of the file

c. Run update-grub2
sudo update-grub2