Cooking runny scrambled eggs

I’ve been practising on cooking runny scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’m pretty much there except for adjusting to egg differences.

I’ve also noticed a difference when using olive oil vs butter. Coating the pan with a layer of butter makes the eggs stick less. More importantly, butter gives a better flavour than olive oil.

Which brand of butter? I’ve been using what’s available in my fridge which is salted SCS. Got to try the unsalted butter once the current stock is all used up.

I’ve also tried cooking eggs sunny side up. Not very successful with sunny side up yet. It’s edible but sometimes the yolk breaks while plating, turning the entire plate into a yellow gooey mess.

Maybe I’ve got to try using a wok with a curved base instead of a flat pan.

Also up next is tamago. I got to go get a tamago pan from Donki.

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