Sad day – Mr Sim Wong Hoo has passed on

I remembered the first sound cards appearing for the 386/486 machines. That was a quite a step up from the two tone speaker of those years. My first sound card was a prize for winning a multimedia presentation at Ngee Ann Polytechnic during my secondary school days. I remember it was a Aztech soundcard. More importantly, I could use the sound card to play with Authorware (Terribly expensive software back then but it fulfilled a niche for interactive training.

Nonetheless, I never gave up wanting a SB series sound card and I finally got the AWE64 before heading to college. AFAIR, that was the era when SB sound cards were cheaper in Singapore than the US.

I still remember the AWE64. Sometimes I regret selling it away but I needed the money then.

Thanks to Mr Sim Wong Hoo for being a pioneer to put Singapore on the tech map.

To the OG.

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