Coffee break

I took a 4 day coffee break before resuming coffee intake this morning. I had the last coffee on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, I was experiencing throbbing headaches by then I had to slow down to complete my work. (Plenty poop though!) This continued on Friday which made for a miserable start to the weekend. (Again plenty poop!) These headaches continued the next day (Saturday) where I continued to pick up on the leftover work.

Sunday couldn’t come by fast enough. I went on a morning run which somewhat cleared my head and I could get down to some semblance of proper work. The throbbing headaches had lessened in intensity and speed but became much manageable.

Monday morning (today). I thought of resuming coffee intake for a test. Started up the Nespresso machine and hot black coffee soon came pouring out from the machine’s spout. This is one of the better flavours I had but I didn’t seem to get the usual coffee whiff. This time, it seemed to smell like regular expresso.

Finished the coffee over ten minutes while watching the news.

Then it started…

First came the eyes which started to water… that was strange… then the nose started to go runny with five episodes of hard sneezing with mucus output.

Allergies? Nope.

Near instant inflammation? Perhaps.

I’ll be cutting coffee intake from now onwards, for arbitrary days forward. I’ll like to see how the body reacts.

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