Preparing NVME drive for installation

I’ve gotten a UGreen NVMe PCIe adapter + Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe storage drive for the Mac Pro.

The UGreen NVMe PCIe adapter came with screws, two thermal pads of different thickness and a long heatsink. I’ve noted stacking the two thermal pads weren’t optimal. I’ve noted the Samsung NMVe drive flexed when the two thermal pads were installed. More importantly, there’s still a gap between the thermal pads and heatsink.

Above: NVMe drive had flexed when two thermal pads were installed.

So scratch the two thermal pad approach.

I then turned to the single (thicker) thermal pad and noticed it didn’t flex the NVMe drive now, but it wasn’t touching the heatsink fully.

Above: Single (thicker) thermal pad on the Samsung NVMe. Below: Airgap between the thermal pad and the heatsink.

As the NVMe drive runs pretty hot, I’ve applied thermal grease liberally on the surfaces between the heatsink and the thermal pads.

The Beginning and the End of Coinbase

“Coinbase is testing a practice where it asks employees to frequently rate each other. Some employees at the company have been using a real-time evaluation app invented by Bridgewater Associates, the well-known hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio, which helped enforce a culture of “radical transparency” that encourages blunt honesty, The Information reported Monday, citing two people with direct knowledge.”

“From the report:The app, Dot Collector, is sold by Principles, a company Dalio founded. Coinbase’s version lets employees evaluate co-workers, including their managers, on how well they exemplify the crypto firm’s 10 cultural tenets — which include clear communication, efficient execution and positive energy — during meetings and other interactions, these people said. After an interaction, an employee can give their colleague a thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or neutral rating.