State of equipment servicing services in Singapore

My electric oven had stopped working after a long period of disuse. I hadn’t got time to troubleshoot the reason for it being out of order, (Out of order:  (of a device) not working properly or at all. Conversely, what do you call an equipment which is in working order? In order? It’s called ‘working’)

Repair man says he will be arriving during the afternoon from 4 to 6pm. Does that mean I’ll need to roll out the red carpet while waiting for Emperor Repair Man’s grand entrance?

Considering there is a charge of $60 for a onsite diagnosis (no repair or parts) and I’ve still got to take time off from work to let this guy in. This is becoming quite an expensive endeavour.

Is there a way/method to fix a specific time (ie. 6pm) for the repair man to arrive?


Recently, I’ve been thinking about upcoming technologies and especially human interaction with these technologies. The technology is deemed a success if it addresses the needs of the majority.

But what about the minority’s successes? More importantly, whether can the minority disrupt the success reaped by the majority?

I’ll be placing these thoughts and discussions under the futurology tag, with a nod to Reddit’s thread of the same name.