Tock tock man Redux

redux (adjective)/ brought back; resurgent;

I happened to be walking along Haig Road when I heard from afar, the approaching RnB music blaring at volume. There are quite a few characters who lived around Haig Road who do that while riding, so I didn’t give much thought to that.

As the music got closer, an UberEats cyclist was riding with a small speaker attached to the top of the UberEats delivery box, appeared. No fancy lights from his bicycle but the Tock Tock Man came to mind.

The Tock Tock man was well known in the 60s and 70s as the noodle delivery guy, except he cooked on the spot. His signature tune was a constant Tock Tick Tick Tock, Tock Tick Tock, which was also used in advertising by a local instant noodle manufacturer. The trademark sound was created by knocking a solid core stick against a slip of bamboo.

UberEats as the new Tock Tock Man? Who would have thought!


Find out more about the Tock Tock Man at Iremember SG

(Incidentally Mr Lai can be found around Old Airport Hawker Centre, no longer cooking but entertaining and passing his time with the Tock Tock tune)